I sent Taylor Swift lyrics to my ex as a prank – it turned out life-changing’

TikToker Laleh Khorsandi couldn’t quite believe what happened when she sent her ex-boyfriend a series of Taylor Swift lyrics as part of a viral trend

A woman appears to have written her own love song, after taking part in a trend which saw her texting Taylor Swift lyrics to an ex-boyfriend.

Laleh ( @lalehkhorsandi ) sent lyrics from Taylor’s Enchanted to a former boyfriend who she describes as “the one who got away,” and she was left blown away by his response.

“Please don’t be in love with someone else,” she wrote, to which he responded: “Wrong person?”

Continuing with the song lyrics, Laleh messaged: “Please don’t have somebody waiting on you,” causing utter confusion to her ex, who clearly had no idea she was reciting a song.

In fact, the TikToker couldn’t quite believe her eyes when her ex replied: “Where are you? Can I come to you? I couldn’t say it before and I’m sorry, but I’ve always loved you.”

The clip ended with Laleh revealing her ex was coming to see her, and thank goodness, she later uploaded a follow up clip explaining all the juicy details from the visit.

She explained: “So here’s the thing: he came over last night. We talked about a lot, but he left because it was so late. He came over so late, so I was like: ‘You have to go.’ And also because I just needed to be with my own thoughts.”

Laleh did add, however, that the pair had plans to go to dinner the following night, and promised to keep all her eager followers in the loop.

In a follow up video, Laleh provided a bit of context explaining that she and her ex dated a while ago, but things didn’t work out because, at the time, he was emotionally unavailable.

“From our conversation I got the idea that maybe he was available to things now and he asked me out to dinner and obviously I was very excited,” she explained.

“So, we go out to dinner and we’re talking and it’s just really nice to hear a lot of the things I had validated for myself in the emotional process of not seeing him anymore.

“It was really good to hear him say all those things and communicate them really well, in a way that he wasn’t able to do when we were seeing each other.”

The ex went on to tell Laleh that he was so glad to have been able to clear the air as it had played on his mind, before dropping the ultimate bombshell and telling her he was soon to be moving abroad.

“He was like I’ve taken a job abroad, I’m leaving after Thanksgiving,” she added, before mimicking herself stabbing herself in the heart.

Although she was clearly very upset and had been hoping for something more, Laleh said it was a “beautiful thing” to have been able to get the closure she needed from the relationship.